Gifts from the Forge

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Gifts from the Forge

Tea Stove


1/4" Hooks


5/16" Hooks


3/8" Hooks


Candle Stick


15" Spoon


Fire Poker


Ash Shovel


Tie Ring


All of these items are presently available, or better ones can be made to order. Give us a shout on Facebook messanger, email, phone to discuss.

Forge Work

The Forge Thru Thyme smithy does not employ only faithfully historically accurate methods. While we feel it is important to maintain the practice of traditional processes as there are times where it is the most economical process for transforming metal into useful pieces, more often than not the use of more modern techniques such as cold forming or cnc processes is preferable.

The forge can also be used for heat treating high carbon steels, it is far from a precision forge but is suitable for validating processes and for research purposes. The practical knowledge gained from the hands on experience can be applied to other projects and products.

We are well aware of the affects that the human species is having on the harmony our the Earth's carbon-based-life ecosystem. Our forge is gas fired and consumes approximately 5 to 10 times less fuel than an average gas BBQ. Some of our other business efforts aim to offset the CO2 emissions through development and promotion of methods and equipment to increase and improve topsoil health in agriculture.

Our little forge is really only used for making trinkets, gifts, hooks and such and therefore it is fired up in the month of December to supply the local community with some hand crafted gifts.

Ordering / Purchasing Information

Forge Thru Thyme provides a forge on demand service for the communities in central Vancouver Island.

We can provide free shipping once a week to either the Courtenay/Comox/Cumberland or the Campbell River area and all places in between.

Everyone is welcome to arrange a pick up from our shop here in Black Creek - by appointment only.

Contact me to order.

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