product status: Prototyping - 1st Manufacture Run - APRIL 2020

Prototype WheelHoe

Prototype Wheel Hoe

Wheel-Hoe Prototype Evolution


Built the wheel hoe with a pivot handle that allows walking from the side of your garden rows. This actually turned out better than I thought it would. Really happy with the functionality.

Pricing for individual parts coming soon.


Lots of feed back from the fine folks who took time to visit my booth at Seedy Saturday. Many suggested the need for a cultivator attachment for the wheel hoe. We have this great cultivator that has proved itself to pass the test of time by being alive for as long as I have. Therefore this will be used to model the prototype cultivator attachment for the Forge Thru Thyme wheel hoe. Old Cultivator with Curved Tines


Did some more work on the stirrup hoe attachment using some old band saw blade that was partially annealed and bent into position.

We have pricing in place for 1095 spring steel for the production model that should work very well and is cost effective.

Stirrup Hoe Attachment on Wheel Hoe

On schedule to do the 1st build of these units in April. The production models will be painted light grey and will be quite a bit more polished.


First two basic frames. Very happy with second frame with adjustable handle.

Tow prototype wheel hoes in the process.

Tasks to complete in Feb: development of the stirrup hoe attachment. and the pivot head to allow use of hoe on rows from side of garden bed.

Product History

Wheel Hoes have been around for a long time. A versatile tool that allows for easily replaceable implements that can be used for various different purposes. An old catalog page showing various brands of wheel hoes

Base Wheel-Hoe Model

The base model that is presently available for Pre-Order comes with three parts assembled together. We are developing a versatile modular wheel-hoe unit that will allow for several different configurations, quick and easy to change over.


Body Wheel:
Body Wheel

Stirrup Hoe:
Stirrup Hoe Attachment

Adjustable height Handle:
Adjustable Height Handle

The production units will all be painted with a durable light grey coating to reduce rusting and the handles will have a suitable rubber grip for comfort.

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Base Wheel Hoe Model


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