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  • This website uses an installation of SimplePunch. Very basic tools for tracking time and value on projects. A Practifab online project in support of accountability as a tool in the quest for harmony and contentment of life.
  • Consider joining Forge Thru Thyme by creating an account for yourself. This will add you to our emailing list and also allow access to member only project reports.
  • All members have access to their own accountability tools with independent data set, but they will not have access to each others information unless they choose to share.
  • There is no obligation to use the accounting tools and your member account could simply be used to access the additional information provided by this website.
  • Your email address and information will not be shared with anyone without your prior consent.
  • Although there is security measures in place to prevent unauthorized access, we recommend that this system is not used for sensitive information.
  • The owners and operators of this website shall not be held liable for any incidental losses or damages due to any reason in the use of this software.
  • This software is in pre-beta mode and therefore is unpredictable, glitchy and is in almost constant flux.


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